• Castletra Hydro

    A fascinating cross-border hydro electricity project, which followed two farmers from Donegal and Antrim, as they set about establishing on farm hydro electric generation plants.


    AD: Our time, Our craft  (

    Training, mentoring, PR, photography, brochures for 42 craft businesses. We could go on, but we’ll leave it to Andrew Martin, proprietor of “Treestand”, a fantastic cabinet maker and graduate of the John Makepeace Furniture College (the same college where Viscount Linley learnt his trade!) : “I would like to express my thanks to you and to SEED (the funders) for your collective efforts in raising the skills of small craft businesses and lifting our profile”



    One of the most enjoyable and rewarding projects we’ve worked on in years. We trained 30 tourism businesses on how to improve their website ascetics and functionality and on search engine marketing. In fact it was that good, we wrote a book about it.